PRIN+S (prinz)

supercreative super eco printer
supercreative super eco printer

 The PRIN+S (prinz) is no ordinary printer with a scanner unit.
It is a foray into a new awareness of holistic ecological equipment.

The criteria are simple yet challenging. Long lasting products and the optimum use of resources. All materials must be sustainable: Wood, metal, bioplastics. Mechanical parts are kept to a minimum. There is no movable print head more, only the transport rollers for the leaves turn. The duplex scanning unit is located in the same shaft by the printed sheets are guided, therefore components and resources are saved. The consumables are subject to sustainability. The printer works with environmentally friendly Biotinte, it is stored in refillable tank system of the printer. Cartridges are thus avoided. The refill itself is provided in special glass containers deposit system. Components, electronics and software are designed as open source to the broadest possible adaptation for being able to realize many different operating systems possible. Upgrades to future interfaces and data transfer techniques can be implemented thanks to the modular concept. There are all the data and codes to download. Repair, spare parts, missing drivers, interface problems, etc. are a thing of the past. Waste was yesterday. Recycling is today. A tomorrow is only possible if we produce things that are not discarded and not pollute our environment for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Project categories: consumer, electronics, furniture

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